Precision Machining

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Almost everything you own was made by machinists or with tools made by machinists. Precision machining students plan and make precision finished parts from raw material using lathes, mills, and CNC (computer numerical control) machines.

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn basic precision machining and CNC skills. Even more important, you will practice the kind of problem solving skills that enhance your performance in every area of life.

This is a nationally known and recognized class. In many years, the High School Washington State Precision Machining Gold Medalist is a student from this class. Sno-Isle TECH Precision Machining students have won National Bronze Precision Machining Medals in two different years, and we are working toward winning the National Gold this year!

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to watch my classroom video profile (below) and check out some of the pictures of me and my students working (further below). You can also find videos of Sno-Isle students on by searching Sno-isle Machining.

This can be the beginning of a great career or a vital stepping-stone toward many college degree careers. For example, the best and highest-paid engineers have machining skills. Be a winner with good marketable skills! Thank you for your interest; I look forward to meeting you during our interview days next March!

Meet the Instructor

Tom Clemans

My name is Tom Clemans. I am the Precision Machining instructor at Sno-Isle TECH! Growing up, my parents were always showing others how to do things. Believing this to be normal, I picked up the habit as well. Everything I have learned since, has been with the idea of "how can I show this to someone else?" I finished college after leaving the Navy in 1970, working nights as a machinist. Once I graduated college, I began teaching in Mountlake Terrace. I loved teaching, but left this career and returned to the machine shop because the salary as a machinist was more than twice what I was earning as a teacher. I was newly married and financial stability was important. Now I have the best of both worlds. I joined Sno-Isle TECH as a full time machining instructor in 1992. I have taught high school for 26 years, college for 15 years, and was a machinist in industry for 20 years.

I'm plenty old enough to retire, but Monday remains my favorite day of the week, and the Wednesday after Labor Day, my favorite day of the year. There is nothing in retirement that could possibly compare to the joy I have working with our students and awesome staff!

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