Gertrude Jackson Memorial Fund Scholarship


This scholarship trust fund was established in 1969 by Senator Henry Jackson, a 1930 Everett High School graduate, as a tribute to his sister Gertrude, who taught at Garfield Elementary School for 43 years.  Recently, 17 awards of approximately $2700 each were given to seniors from Everett, Cascade, Mariner, Kamiak, Jackson, ACES, and Sequoia High Schools.



  • Financial need: Student and family lack sufficient funds for the first year of college.  Special consideration will be given to students who are not likely to receive other financial help.
  • Motivation/desire to learn: Student does not need to have a high GPA or be in a multitude of school activities, but must have a sincere desire for further education and a willingness to work toward a realistic goal.
  • Goals: Either professional or vocational goals are considered.  Persons planning technical or vocational studies such as automotive, welding, clerical, cosmetology, aircraft work, and many others are just as eligible for these scholarships as are persons going into a profession requiring four or more years in a university.  Goals should be realistic in terms of ability.
  • College choice: School must be an accredited institution of higher learning, or a recognized program of vocational or professional education or training. Special consideration will be given to students applying at local schools, especially community colleges and vocational training programs.  Student should be realistic in terms of financial requirements.
  • IMPORTANT: Applicants must provide either a completed IRS Form W-9 (U.S. Citizens) or Form W-8 (Non U.S. Citizens) to be eligible for this scholarship. In order to complete a Form W-9, U.S. citizens must have a social security number.  To complete a Form W-8, Non-U.S. citizens must have an Individual Tax Identification Number (“ITIN”).  The IRS estimates up to six weeks to obtain such a number.  Students who need to apply for an ITIN should do so immediately. The bank may require further documentation from scholarship recipients. The W-8 or W-9 is to be attached to the application.

All completed scholarship applications are due by Wednesday, March 20, 2019, before 4:00 PM and must be turned into:

Everett School District Community Resource Center

Attention Debbie Vanderwilt

3900 Broadway

Everett, WA 98201

Students must include one letter of recommendation as well as a current transcript with their application.

See Theresa in Study Center (or Scholarship Bin in the hall) for application.