Assembly Technician

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Assembly Technician

Job Description

Position Overview
This position will be responsible for wiring variety of electronic, mechanical, subassemblies, and parts to ensure unit functions according to specifications or to determine cause of unit failure.

Essential Job Functions
• Reads test procedures, performance specifications, and drawings to perform testing procedures
• Assemble functional performance of systems, subassemblies, and parts
• Calibrates and utilizes test instrument (Hi-Pot tester) according to specifications
• Performs functional tests using Hi-Pot tester
• Compares results with specifications
• Replaces/Repairs defective wiring and components
• Operates equipment to verify internal assembly and alignment of parts according to specifications
• Account for time and work completed via online computer data collection system
• wire individual ballast and electrical harness


• Ability to read schematics, identify electronic components
• Able to electronic troubleshoot to the component level, working knowledge of related tools, meters, test equipment
• Strong Computer skills
• Experience using power tools and hand tools
• Sit, stand and walk for up to 10 hours per day
Must be able to lift 35 lbs.
Must be able to push/pull 35 lbs.

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