Lot Attendant/Shuttle driver

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Lot Attendant/Shuttle driver

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A lot attendant is someone who manages the cars in a parking lot. Attendants work at car dealership. Working in this job requires a driver's license and a clean driving record. It has no special educational requirements, although many have a high school diploma.
At a location like a dealer or auto rental, the lot attendant checks in new cars when they arrive, making sure that the information on the manifest matches the vehicle. They also find parking spaces for the cars and store the keys. When cars are needed, the attendant can take them out and get them ready, and when cars are rented and sold, he or she prepares them for the customer.

These attendants keep an eye on damage, keep the lot as organized as possible so that it is easy to navigate, and handle incoming cars that are being brought in for service. This requires good driving skills as well as a sense of spatial relations, because it is commonly necessary to handle cars in tight quarters, and to think ahead when it comes to organizing cars in the lot so that they will be easy to access. For example, a car that will only be on the lot for a few hours should not be stored in the back of the lot with other cars parked in front of it.

General lot maintenance can also be part of the job, including sweeping, picking up trash, noting when the lot needs to be repainted, and so forth. At the dealership, the attendant also cleans cars or brings them to the service department for cleaning, and tries to keep as many cars ready for use or test drives as possible so that the customer service representatives have a full array of cars to work with.


Burlington, WA

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Jeff Duncan

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