Cook, Lead

Job Title

Cook, Lead

Job Description

Prepares food to ensure it is nutritious and properly flavored in accordance with applicable federal, state, local and company standards, guidelines and regulations.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
May oversee the cooking activities of food service associates as assigned by Food Service Director.
Prepares various entrees and menu items following established recipes.
Operates and cleans equipment after each use. Performs scheduled routine cleaning.
Stores, labels and dates food items according to policy. Helps maintain organized storage of dry goods and refrigerated and frozen products.
Follows HACCP guidelines to ensure quality and safety of food supply.
Complies with federal, state and local health and sanitation regulations and department sanitation procedures.
Assists Food Service Director in maintaining accurate daily production records and completes all required documentation, reports, and logs as assigned.
Assists in the cross training of employees.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Contact Name

Amy Underwood

Contact Phone

(206) 546-7440

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