Crew Member Non-driver (Landscaper)

Job Title

Crew Member Non-driver (Landscaper)

Job Description

Full time and part time positions available. Apply online or stop by 2427 103rd st SW Everett WA 98204 to fill out an application.

Se habla español (425)508-5017.

Maintains grounds of industrial, commercial, or public property and performs other installation and enhancement activities.

Position Duties
* Works around and operates hand tools and mechanical machinery used for landscape maintenance.
* Cuts lawns.
* Trims and edges around walks, flower beds, and walls.
* Prunes shrubs and trees to shape and improve growth or remove damaged leaves, branches, or twigs.
* Sprays lawn, shrubs, and trees with fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticides.
* Rakes and bags leaves.
* Cleans grounds and removes litter.
* Prepares and grades terrain.
* Seeds and sods lawns.
* Installs and/or moves and transplants trees, shrubs, and other plant material on current maintenance and enhancement jobs and properties.
* Digs trenches for irrigation systems or piping and supports irrigation technician or manager in the installation of the irrigation systems.
* Removes tree brush after tree trimmer’s prune, cut and shape trees.
* Plants grass, flowers, trees, and shrubs.
* Waters lawn and shrubs.
* Cleans out drainage ditches and culverts.
* Sharpens tools such as weed cutters, edging tools, and shears.
* Makes minor repairs on equipment such as lawn mower, spreader, and snow removal equipment.
* Depending on geographic seasonality, may be required to shovel snow from walks and driveways and spread salt on public passage ways to prevent ice buildup.
* Trims and removes trees from client properties.
* Performs other duties as assigned.

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