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Welds and assembles metal components to effect repairs to dump trucks, trailers, and other similar equipment. Welds and assembles new wheel wash units and other construction industry equipment.  Other tasks vary.


Essential Functions:


  1. Operate manual and automated welding units and equipment by depositing metal from electrode to work piece and joins edges of work piece.
  2. Fabricate new or replacement parts for dump trucks, trailers, wheel wash units, and other equipment.
  3. Maintain length of arc and speed of movement to form specified depth of fusion and bead.
  4. Weld in flat and vertical planes (all position welding).
  5. Examine weld for bead size and other specifications.
  6. Grind or clean weld joint of work piece.
  7. Repair improperly welded pieces and fill holes.
  8. Position and clamp work pieces together or assemble them in a jig fixture.
  9. Tack assemblies together.
  10. Assemble component parts using hand and small power tools.
  11. May change hoses, fittings, air valves, suspension parts, etc.
  12. Clean up work area daily.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Understand and apply welding techniques; work quickly and skillfully with hands; accept responsibility for the work performed; visualize what the finished product should look like; and, welding equipment with skill.  Must have own tools.


  • Requires bending or twisting, standing, kneeling, crouching, stooping or crawling.
  • Requires repetitive movement and exposure to high places.
  • Includes exposure to contaminants; exposure to hazardous equipment and conditions.
  • Requires working in very hot (above 90 F degrees) or very cold (below 32 F degrees) temperatures; working in environmentally controlled conditions.
  • Requires working in cramped workspaces and getting into awkward positions.
  • Requires wearing specialized protective or safety equipment.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time and the ability to lift heavy items from floor.
  • Comfortable using power tools, pneumatic wrenches, grinder; etc.
  • Eager to learn, good work ethic, accept responsibility for work performed.

Must be able to work 40+ hours per week.


Snohomish, WA

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Kim Baier, SHRM-SCP

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(425) 483-9863

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