Washington Elks Vocational Grant

The grant may be used for tuition, fees, books and supplies at a Community College or Technical School. It may be used only for usual and required costs of applicant’s planned course of study and must be paid directly to the school they will be attending.
A vocation is generally thought of as requiring a certain amount of physical skill along with technical knowledge. Examples are: pipefitting, sheet metal, machinist, electrician, electronics, HVAC/heating and cooling specialist, auto and diesel mechanic, body and fender specialist, insulator, bricklayer, carpenter, cement mason, insulator, barber, hair stylist, etc. The technical knowledge is normally attained through a trade school or community college. Some trade schools offer a program that exceeds the normal two year degree from a community college.
*Nursing at the LPN level, licensed practical nurse, can be accepted as vocational, but the RN, Registered Nurse, should be considered a profession.
Applications due to Elks Lodge of jurisdiction by Friday March 1, 2019.
Please see Theresa in the Study Center for application, or download from this link: https://waelks.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/VocGrantApplication.pdf .