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5 Tips for Helping Your Student Prepare for Virtual School
Sep 4, 2020

The landscape for schools has changed dramatically in the last six months, and virtual schools have become the only option for now, going into the new school year.  No one knows how long it will last, but helping your student prepare for it is essential to ensure they receive the best education possible.  Like most families this will mean juggling schedules and making major adjustments for day to day living to prepare for your student not going back for in-class school.  There are many ways to help get your student prepared.  Here are a few suggestions to help get you and your student prepare for virtual school with Sno-Isle TECH as we enter the new Fall term for 2020.

 1. Have a Designated Area for Virtual School Work

You have a dedicated space at your workplace that is just yours to use.  You can keep everything organized as it makes sense to you, and you don’t have to worry about someone else changing the layout.  It’s comfortable.  It’s where you can be creative and do your best work.  Your student needs the same type of space.  They need a dedicated space, whether that’s a complete room, just a desk and laptop, or a bean bag chair where they can go to school every day.  They need their own comfortable space to do their work and learn.

2. Ensure You Have the Right Equipment for Virtual School

Back to school shopping previously meant your student may have needed clothes, pens, pencils, and new backpack.  For this new school year, you may need some of the usual items and a few new ones.  Laptops, a new mouse, and headphones may have just been wish-list items, but this year they may be a necessity to do well in virtual school.  Your student may have just done homework at the kitchen table last year, but this year they may need a dedicated space with a light for late night studying.  They may need paper that previously was offered by the school.  Be sure to check the class descriptions and syllabus for your students class to see what should be available for your student depending on the classes they are enrolled in.

3. Create a Daily Schedule with Study Breaks Included

Your student would normally have subjects throughout the day that are based on a time.  They may have been labeled as ‘class periods’, but each had a specific time during the day.  In order to keep your student on a similar timetable, create a daily schedule that your student can follow every day they have virtual school.  It will keep them in the habit without breaking their routines.  In between classes you can also have some study breaks that your student can catch up on what else is going on in the world.  Check their email, look at social media, or maybe go outside and get some fresh air.  The goal is to allow their brain to digest what they just learned in class and rest a little before going to the next subject.

4. Create a Calendar of Events

Your students are used to having a calendar to plan their month by.  Do they have any big exams, sports functions, dances, etc.?  Most of those in-person items may not be active this school year, but still having a calendar to plan by helps them stay focused on the future events.  They may have projects due, and having a visual calendar will help them get the target due date in sight.

5. Keep Them Focused with Non-School Activities

Studies have shown that the human brain needs breaks between learning to absorb the material well.  Your students need a little break, and that may just be extra-curricular activities to keep them focused.  They may be used to playing sports, whether e-sports or after school sports, they may be involved in specialized clubs or organizations, or they may just enjoy being outside hiking, biking, or swimming.  Whatever they enjoy doing most outside of school, they should try to keep those activities going as best as possible.  They need social interaction, and hopefully their favorite activities are still available with virtual school.

It may seem that virtual school is very different than in-person school for your student.  As you look at the basics of their coursework and schedule, you’ll find that each type of school is very similar.  Keeping your student focused on their learning activities should be the same as if they were going to school every weekday.  Avoid distractions while in virtual school.  Take breaks as needed.  And keep them focused on the big events coming every month.

Bonus Tips:

Be sure to check the Sno-isle TECH website Calendar and Events on the home page for upcoming events. Also, look at the ‘I want to’ menu on the home page for common questions or information. Lastly, you can also review our FAQ page for additional information.



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