About the Class

You may immediately think of being a teacher, but there are so many more careers in education that offer decent pay, health benefits, and a great schedule. This course explores all the aspects of educational careers, focusing primarily on teaching, and includes internships so you will begin building your resume right away. Plus, you’ll be prepared to take the Washington State Para-Educator Test for Certification right after graduation, so that you can start working in the field immediately and make a difference for others!

Meet the instructor

Genevieve Menino joined the Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center this year to teach our new program Careers in Education. Genevieve is a 2008 graduate of Oregon State University with two bachelors degrees: Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Science in Human Development Family Sciences. She began teaching in the fall of 2008 in Forks, WA. Since that time her experiences have taken her to Lake Washington school district, private sector education and back to public school. Genevieve is a National Board Certified Teacher. During her time teaching, Genevieve has developed curriculum and taught many courses including but not limited to Personal Choices, Life Money You, Culinary Arts, Foods, International Foods, Gourmet Foods, Child Development, Family Health, Interior Design, and Food Science. This year, she will continue her work in education as she develops Sno-Isle TECH Skills Centers first Careers in Education program. Genevieve is partnering with Everett Community College for the Careers in Education program to bring students college credit in the high school classroom. Students will earn college credit in both the Early Childhood Education and Education departments.

As a lifelong learner, she continues to further her education by taking courses to complete her Master’s Degree in Food Science and Management from Washington State University global campus. Genevieve’s most recent accomplishments include 2016 WA-Family and Consumer Science Educators Teacher of the Year and 2017 WA-ACTE Teacher of the Year.