About the Class

ADVANCED MANUFACTURING prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills in all aspects of shaping metal parts.

Instruction involves making computations relating to work dimensions, tooling and feeds and speeds of machining. Emphasis is placed upon bench work and the operation of lathes, power saws, milling machines, grinders, drills and computer operated equipment (CNC). Instruction also includes the use of precision measuring instruments such as layout tools, micrometers and gauges; methods of machining and heat treatment of various metals; blueprint reading; and the layout of machine parts. Instruction prepares students to operate all types of hand and computer-controlled machines.

Instruction is split between academic theory and practical applications. In this pursuit, students are assigned projects, which become more and more advanced as skills are mastered. These skills will be tested with written, virtual, and real-world quizzes, tests, exams, and projects.

This course is heavily reliant upon mathematics and spatial orientation. It is critical that the student learn to envision 3D environments and related material science concerning work holding, machine processing, material removal, inter-part relationships, and fits and tolerances to be successful. The students will progress from hand tool through conventional power machinery and computer operated machine tools throughout the course.

Students will work independently and in joint teams on projects. In this vein, the student gains experience with teamwork in a dynamic environment. By assuming the roles of team members as well as team leaders, roles related to real world manufacturing environments emphasized and encouraged.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in field trips to local manufacturers and machine shops. There will be guest lecturers as well as job coaching and interviewing experiences.

precision machining students
precision machining students

Meet the instructor

My name is Daniel Cardiff and I am the Instructor of the Advanced Manufacturing program here at Sno Isle TECH. I was born and raised in Washington State and have been in the Aerospace manufacturing industry since 1995. When I am not teaching future machinists I like to spend time with my wife and five children. I have a diverse machining and manufacturing background working with all types of materials and part variants. Machining is an ever evolving, global industry. The Aerospace machining industry is the backbone of Pacific Northwest manufacturing with Boeing in our back yard. It presents fantastic opportunities for a rewarding career. I am very excited share my experiences and teach the much needed skills for this exciting industry to the future work force.

Students who take this class have the opportunity to learn an introductory level of Advanced Manufacturing. They work with specialized equipment in a machine shop environment to learn the fundamentals of metal cutting, starting with manual machining and working their way up to programming CNC machines. Students have the opportunity to attend career-related conferences and field trips, compete with peers in Skills USA regional, state, and national tournaments, meet with industry professionals for employment, mentoring, continuing education, and references. College credit is available to successful students who meet the current criteria set forth by our articulation agreement with EVCC. AJAC collaboration also allows students the opportunity to attend the class, work, and belong to a modern day apprenticeship program.

If this sounds interesting, take a moment to look at the Advanced Manufacturing program site, watch the video and check out the pictures of our class in action. Thank you for your interest; I look forward to meeting you at Open House in February or during our student interviews in the spring.