About the Class

The Veterinary Assisting Program is ideal for you if you’re interested in an animal-related career. Theory and skills needed to become veterinary assistants are taught here, as well as investigating other careers and advanced schooling available in the veterinary field.

You will gain experience through classroom activities and daily handling of our resident animals. This takes place in a realistic setting on campus that models worksites in the industry. You will use your classroom knowledge and skill as you complete an internship at a local animal care facility during your second semester.

All health class students need to declare proof of insurance for internships.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Biology and Health classes. 

vet students
vet students

Meet the instructor

In the Veterinary Assisting program you will learn skills needed to work in a hospital setting assisting doctors and technicians. You will learn to help and care for animals when they are sick and broken. You will practice daily on state of the art equipment which you will see in industry at your internships. We have resident animals living here throughout the school year. They are the responsibility of the students 7 days a week. This class is not for the faint hearted. Animals don’t go to the vet because they feel good – you will see sick, broken, bleeding, dying animals. Animals are unpredictable; they have teeth and claws and you never know when they are going to use them. You must be on your guard at all times.