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Human Services

Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center offers four diverse career options in the field of Human Services. This is for students who have an interest in exploring career options in Education, Criminal Justice, Fire Service and Translation & Interpretation.

Careers In Education

You may immediately think of being a teacher, but there are so many more careers in education that offer decent pay, health benefits, and a great schedule. This course explores all the aspects of educational careers, focusing primarily on teaching, and includes internships so you will begin building your resume right away.

Criminal Justice

Students will have extensive exposure to the career opportunities within Law Enforcement. The class has numerous guest speakers, field trips and a lethal force decision making simulator. Students receive professional training in handcuffing, weaponless defense scenarios, first aid and CPR.

Fire Service Technology

Students will work in a classroom setting as well as outside in inclement weather, completing manipulative activities. Good communication skills, attitude, and a desire to work hard are essential for success in this program. It is a physically demanding class and students can earn a PE credit from most sending schools for completion of this course.

Translation and Interpretation

In this safe and supportive environment you will learn how to accurately and professionally transfer communication from one language to another in written and verbal form. You will also develop your own professional portfolio and practice your skills through job shadows and internships. Finally, you will prepare for the Washington Certification Exam and have the opportunity to walk out the door ready to be paid for your hard work!