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Information Technology

Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center students have the opportunity to explore cutting edge, real world information technology programs that can lead to in demand, high paying careers. If you have an interest in Animation, Video Game Design, Computer Networking or Engineering, this pathway is for you.


Students learn to design and create animations for both video and video games using a combination of traditional art, digital 2D computer programs, and 3d animation software. This course prepares students for skills necessary for production level art and animation.

Computers, Servers and Networking

IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. If you are interested in a challenging, changing, dynamic career, apply for Computers, Servers, and Networking. Earn college credits while you learn in a challenging, hands-on environment with a dynamic, industry certified instructor, passionate about technology.

Electronics Engineering Technology

What do surveillance cameras, engine controls, and the Mars Rover have in common? They all use electronics engineering technology and require highly skilled engineers and technicians to build, program, repair, and maintain. Electronics Engineering Technology Program students learn to build and troubleshoot using circuit drawings, prototyping boards and test equipment.

Video Game Design

Students in the Video Game Design program learn to design and create video games using trigonometry and higher math, computer programming in C#, as well as 2D computer animation. This course prepares students for skills necessary for two of the video game industry’s biggest needs: qualified video game designers and programmers.