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Interested In Diesel Power Technology?
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Feb 9, 2020

The transportation world is continually evolving, and the future predicts that more power with fewer emissions will be the requirement.  Some say that electric vehicles are the only option.  Others just want current technology refined to meet the stringent requirements in the future.  The diesel power technology used today has a long tradition of offering excellent power, low emissions, and simple technology that doesn’t require a PhD to understand.  Ever wanted to know how diesel power technology works, or wanted to work on diesel engines with your own hands?  If so, Sno-Isle TECH has the perfect program for you!

About the Class

The Diesel Power Technology program is designed to prepare students for an entry-level position working with diesel-powered trucks, equipment, boats and generators.  Students leaving the program often choose to continue their education after Sno-Isle TECH at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and other local community colleges that offer Diesel Power Technology courses.  The Sno-Isle TECH course curriculum has been adapted to educate students to current industry technology, including software and hardware, so they are better able to begin work with the most current knowledge and industry practices after course completion.  Students should expect a blend of discussions, class projects, and hands on activities in a real life workshop that focuses on technological advances with engines and seven other subject areas.

Meet the Instructor

Brent Delfel is the instructor of the Diesel Power Technology Program here at Sno-Isle TECH, and is currently in his 15th year with the program.  Brent has three decades of experience working in the automotive/diesel (Heavy Duty) industry, and has a passion to teach the benefits of the continuously changing industry.  Brent keeps the class education and exciting, offering hands-on experience with specialized equipment representative of a diesel repair facility in the industry.  The course offers an opportunity to learn an introductory level of diesel mechanics, which can be transferred to a secondary education program for a mastery level education with UTI or another community college.  Brent is a former student in the diesel program, and has been on the advisory board for 11 years.  He obtained a CTE teaching certificate in 2007, is currently a curriculum writer and heavy-duty instructor for the Car Quest Technical Institute, and is the founder of Advanced Diagnostic Consulting.

Diesel Power Technology Program Background

The diesel power technology program initially started in 1976 when Sno-Isle TECH was opened.  The original name of the program was ‘Diesel Mechanics’, which lasted until 2007 when the curriculum was renamed to ‘Diesel Power Technology’.  The curriculum was renamed to better align to the continuous changes being made in the industry and the program was aligned with the ASE Education Foundation standards to better represent what the industry expected from graduating students from the program.

The current curriculum teaches eight areas of expertise with four areas of focus:


  • Electrical fundamentals
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Basic meter/Oscilloscope
  • Hands on “live” vehicles





BRAKES (Even Year)

  • Air Systems
  • Foundation Brakes
  • ABS and Stability
  • Hands on “live” vehicles



  • Hands on “live” machines

The Diesel Power Technology course teaches repairing Freightliner engines, using Snap-On Tools and more. Students enrolled in the program have the opportunity to attend career related conferences and field trips, compete with peers in Skills USA state and national tournaments, meet with industry professionals for employment, additional industry mentoring, options for continuing education, and references.  Internships and scholarships are also available.  College credit is available to successful students who earn a B or better in the class.  Students who meet the professional standards throughout the year may earn a letter of recommendation and/or invitation to return the following year.

The Diesel Power industry is currently increasing by 9% every year, and graduating technicians are earning from $19 per hour to $25 per hour on average.  That is an equitable salary of ~$43,000 annually to start.  If you love to get your hands dirty and are interested in seeing the future of diesel technology, the Sno-Isle TECH Diesel Power Technology program is your perfect starting point.  If you’re ready to get started, apply now!

Diesel Power Mechanics Program - Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center