Achilles USA, Inc.

Job Title

Production Operator Trainee

Job Type

Full Time

Job Description

Under supervision and guidance of the Group Manager, supports colandering operation to produce high quality PVC sheets and films, with minimal downtime.

1. Monitor controls and settings for speed, air pressure, temperature, etc. (including Measurex readings) to ensure that everything is running in the same, orderly and consistent manner.
2. Report immediately to the Lead any unusual observation(s) during the run, which may result in unwanted and deleterious effect on the finish product.
3. Monitor quality of the rolls while these are running and soon after these are completed
4. Adjust machine settings according to specifications and modify or correct settings as necessary.
5. Sets up control panel, weight system, winder, Measurex, and temperature settings per each or-der.
6. Cuts and wraps completed rolls as needed.
7. Monitor colander and strainer using TV monitors.
8. Assists other crew members in solving minor problems during production. Problems considered “major” (as it may result in more serious non-conformance problem/s), have to be brought to the attention of the Lead or Manager immediately.
9. Assists maintenance during calendar shutdown, replace parts, drain oils, clean up, etc.
10. Assist roll mill operator when roll mill problems occur; slow down control for speed of mix, change screens, release clogging of hopper, help clean up, etc.
11. Checks accuracy and completeness of recorded data by other crew members.
12. Ensures safety and cleanliness in the work areas.
13. Covers inspector duties during breaks and lunch.
14. Completes “Daily Colandar Report” and other required record keeping and reporting systems. Requisition supplies as necessary.
15. Assist Lead troubleshoot any minor problems on the line.
16. Assist in setting up “change overs” (for a new order/product); to help the next crew.
17. Cleans the colanders, surrounding areas of the colanders, take off rolls, etc., as needed.


Everett, WA


Contact Name

L Dahlen

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(425) 513-6403