Preclinical Veterinary Technician

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Preclinical Veterinary Technician

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Are you looking to combine your love of animals with your desire to work in Research. The Veterinary Technician could be the starting point to bringing those two loves together. The Veterinary Technician position works primarily under direct supervision. Veterinary Technicians perform various duties to facilitate and support the work and research of the Veterinarians, Study Directors, and clients by completing a variety of animal health activities in the areas of medicine, surgery, and drug therapy. At Altasciences Preclinical Services we work with many different animal models: non-human primates, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, swine and canine. As a team, the vet services staff is responsible for the treatment of all on-site ill and injured animals, and for the fulfillment of the preventive medicine program as determined by the Attending Veterinarian.


• Provides nursing care for all medical cases within the facility, under the guidance of the staff veterinarians and senior level technicians

• Performs basic diagnostics and screening tests, to include but not be limited to: body weights, BCS, Tb testing, malarial screens, hemoccult testing, urine dipstick analysis, fecal flotation, swab sample collection, blood collection, and others at the request of the veterinarians and/or more senior level technicians

• Performs routine and basic animal procedures, including animal handling and restraint of rodents, handling of NHP within the home cage, sedation, delivery of medications via the IM, SQ, topical, and PO routes, assessment of vital signs (TPR) on sedated animals, shaving of animals and preparation for surgical procedures, bandage application, basic wound care, and assessment of basic clinical signs of animals on treatment or under sedation

• Occasionally performs procedures on unsedated animals. May provide restraint for unsedated animals under supervision of the veterinarians or the senior level technicians

• Performs post-exposure protocols on non-human primates (NHP)

• Performs basic cleaning and preparatory procedures within the animal procedure and technical staffing areas, including cleaning medical instruments, wrapping surgical packs for autoclaving, cleaning the surgical suite or procedure area after animal activity, and others at the request of the veterinarians and/or more senior level technicians

• Performs dose calculations for medications to be given based on initial orders from a veterinarian or as per standard operating procedure (SOP) or study protocol and may be responsible for ordering controlled substances from the pharmacy for planned procedures. Performs routine QC on all paperwork and performs computer entry and/or data retrieval as appropriate, to include scheduling of departmental tasks where appropriate

• Shares inventory and ordering responsibilities for supplies used by the department

• Shares responsibility for routine departmental cleaning and prep procedures, such as instrument care, pack wrapping, procedure room and procedure cart cleaning

• May perform routine maintenance on equipment within the veterinary staff department, including but not limited to: x-ray processors, microscopes, eye wash stations, etc

What We Are Looking For:

• BA/BS, Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), or completion of 2-year Veterinary Technician program preferred

• Equivalent combination of experience may substitute for education requirements
6-12 months basic animal handling and/or basic medical/veterinary experience is required
• WA State Veterinary Technician License (LVT) preferred This position is expected to pursue ALAT certification

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Susan Robinson

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(425) 322-1940

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