Home Run Solutions, LLC

Job Title

Assistant Carpenter

Job Description

ACTIVITIES: The position’s activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Ensure company and customer satisfaction through professional appearance, hustle, positive and coachable attitude, and polite communication.

2. Keep accurate hourly payroll records, timely submission of hours to payroll department, and keep management informed of all personal information changes such as address, email, and telephone numbers.

3. Attend all company/client meetings approved by the Production Manager and Lead Carpenter.

4. Assist Lead Carpenter with the execution of the project schedule (critical path) in advance of project commencement as requested by the Lead Carpenter. Inform the Lead carpenter of details that may impact the project or budget.

5. On a daily basis, work to assist the Lead Carpenter in organizing and documenting progress of the project, including any customer concerns, problems, delays, etc.

6. Take instruction from the Lead Carpenter, Production Manager, and if instructed, any Sub Contractors.

7. Work alongside other co-workers and laborers in a productive, positive manner.

8. Perform tasks that are related to the new construction, renovations, and remodeling under the direct supervision of the Lead Carpenter and overall company management. Common tasks include (but are not limited to) manual labor, safety provisional setup and construction, demolition, new construction, material procurement, job shed and warehouse organization, and general cleanup.

9. Be responsible for the efficient and profitable use of the company’s time, manpower and materials on each project as included in project estimate sheets.

10. Ensure the image of the company is supported by your appearance and activities on the jobsite, at suppliers, at company headquarters, and on the internet (including social media).

11. Assist the Lead Carpenter in maintaining an operational inventory of necessary tools, safety equipment, construction equipment, and vehicles to perform specific activities assigned by the Production Manager.

12. After a certain period of time, assist in the company’s marketing program as directed by management, which may include canvassing, home shows, job site marketing, customer satisfaction, etc.

13. Attend seminars, classes, and trade shows to obtain new product knowledge and new installation procedures.

14. Seek additional responsibility and guidance from company management employees as needed to enhance existing skills, learn new skills, and create potential for advancement within the company.


To assist the Lead Carpenter and Production Manager in production activities that supports the goals of the company.


1. Ability to lift 60 lbs

2. Be able to work on ladders & roofs up to 30′ off the ground.

3. High school education.

4. Proficient carpentry skills.

5. Working knowledge of all sub-contracted trades.

6. Working knowledge of building materials, terms, plans, and codes.

7. Overall abilities: Able to forecast, estimate, and anticipate.

8. Able to take instruction and execute accurately.

9. Works well with a variety of different people.

10. A good communicator. Knows when to notify supervisors of issues.

11. Has an eye for detail and follows through to meet the customer’s needs.

12. Can stay organized and multi-task.

13. Can manage one’s time productively and is punctual.

14. Ability to perform daily onsite construction activities

Contact Name

Katie Thompson

Contact Email

Contact Phone

(425) 320-4786