Royell Manufacturing, Inc

Job Title

Experienced Machinist

Job Type

Full Time

Job Description

CNC Level 2 Machinists are expected to run proven jobs with some technical instruction. Running proven jobs and running those in part families will result in machinists operating autonomously.

This job focuses on the importance of running quality parts while; setting up machines, loading and unloading materials, running code, managing tool life, inspecting parts, and completing secondary operations (e.g., deburr, edge breaks, adding holes).

Essential Functions

Upload, download, and cycle NC programs effectively establishing “production rhythms” to produce the number of expected parts according to OEE goals.
Operate machines safely while loading and unloading parts using best practices.
Comply with machine tool life management and use pre-setters and tool cribs effectively.
Follow schedules and shift plans, prepare for the next job, and change-over effectively.
Accurately maintain material traceability while issuing, organizing, counting, loading raw materials.
Follow expected work cell processes consistently and without prompting (e.g., standard work plans, SICS, secondary operations (e.g., deburr), daily maintenance, tie-ins, traceability).
Complete expected maintenance and maintain clean and organized work area.
Use standard work plans (SWP) and standard operating procedures (SOP) to control processes and accurately inspect parts using self-inspection check sheets (SICS) to verify.
Create and maintain accurate machine status (to run or not), shift tie-ins, and real time monitoring requirements.
Must regularly maintain good attendance per policy each attendance year.
Assist other employees while operating machines when asked by your supervisor.
Other related duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Validate setup and cycle times
Apply applications of force knowledge when loading fixtures.
Apply sound decimal language and blueprint reading skills when interpreting drawings.
Use precision tools to measure and validate parts.
Apply best practices when using hand tool.
Apply best practices when using deburr tools.
Resolve production problems using logic and common sense with a commitment and urgency to get the job done.
Update Standard Work Plans (SWP’s) with oversight and approval.
Update Self Inspection Check Sheets (SIC’s) with oversight and approval.
Minimum Qualifications

Must have high school diploma or equivalent.
Must have a minimum 1-year machining experience.
Desirable Qualifications

Associate degree or certificate in machining discipline, from a technical or vocational college.
Experience using Lean Manufacturing practices, such as, mistake proofing, standard work, self-inspection, and single piece flow.
Royell Manufacturing, Inc. is an independent company and global supplier of structural airplane parts such as precision components, kits and assemblies for the aerospace industry. Products are machined and fabricated from aluminum, titanium and specialty alloys for large commercial, regional and business aircraft programs.

The company is committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers through sustainable solutions focusing on quality, productivity and affordability. Royell has a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement and best practices. With mature lean techniques and corresponding online systems, product visibility is company-wide.


Everett, Washington


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Allison Sicsic

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