Learn How To Apply For Sno-Isle TECH Classes and Programs

How To Register For Survey Monkey To Apply For Classes


This is an instructional video to assist you in creating an account in Survey Monkey in order to apply for a Sno-Isle TECH

To start with go to the Sno-Isle TECH website. Bring your cursor over to the Apply Now button on the far right corner
and click on it. This will take you to a registration page for Sno-Isle TECH. And again go over
to the far right corner and this time click on the blue register button.

From here you’ll be taken into this Survey Monkey apply register for an applicant account page. We encourage you
to fill in the bottom portion and not use Facebook, Twitter or Gmail to register for this account. Please use the
student who is applying to Sno-Isle TECH first name, last name and their email account.

Have that student create a password confirm the password. Click on the box that says they are not a robot
and then they will click create an account. It is really important that we use a student’s name on this. I’m
repeating that because of how important it is students first name and last name so that we can track the student when it
comes to the application.

Once the student has created the account here they will get an email from the Survey Monkey asking that they confirm
this account. Have the student go to this email that they used confirm the account with Survey Monkey and they will be
finished with this part of the process. And they will be ready to apply for Sno-Isle TECH on February 6th.

This concludes this instructional video.

How To Apply For Sno-Isle TECH Classes and Programs


This is a video on how to complete an application for Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center programs for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

This is the second of a video series. After you have created an application. Once that is completed you come to the application page for Sno-Isle TECH. You hit the Apply Now button in the upper right hand corner this page. This will then take you to the home page for logging in to the school year program. Once you go in to the login button you’ll be prompted to enter your email and your password that you created via the registration system.

After logging into the system you’ll be taken to your applications page. In the case of this you will want to hit continue and it’ll bring you to the screen that tells about the demographic information, the short essay form, the uploaded transcript, your current grades and you’re upload attendance and other optional uploads that you can add to the system.

We’ll start in the demographic information. Once this opens you will see that information has already been entered into the system. But in your case you will need enter this from the start. You will need to put applicant email, verify that email address, put in your last name, please make sure this is the name of the student that is applying for the program.

Also in the email please make sure that it is the email of the student that is applying in the program. The first name of the student, middle name, if you do not have a middle name please select none. Your address, your city, your state, zip code the student, phone number their gender. Their month of birth, their date of birth, birth year and any other names that may be affiliated with you as the student.

You will then choose the from the drop-down menu and the high school that you attend. You will then pick your first choice program selection. In this case I have selected electronics engineering for this and a couple of other options.

You will need to be able to identify that you passed the prerequisite for the class in electronics engineering. In this case that is Algebra one. Then you’ll have the option to pick an alternate program in the case that the electronics engineering class is full. I am picking precision machining.

You will identify your graduation year and then move down to your guardian information. In this case you need last name first name of your parent or guardian, their email address, their primary phone and their relationship to you. You’ll want to make sure you identify if you live with that guardian or not and if you want to set them as your primary contact. If you do set them as your primary contact you can skip through the next options like I have, due to we need one, and only one primary contact.

If you would like you’re more than welcome to enter a first and a second number emergency contact.

As they scroll towards the bottom of the screen you’ll identify if you have any life-threatening condition or any allergies requiring an EpiPen seizures or any other high-risk conditions. in my case that’s no. And you want to see if you have any accommodations needed to be able to have a successful interview with us. In my case I checked yes and then it has a drop down menu identifying that I may need some extra time if there are some writing in my section of the interview that I have.

At the bottom of this page you’ll want to check that you have read the description of the program on our website, that you’re going to prioritize attendance and work ethic. And then you’re going to complete the full year of the program.

A new thing this year is we want to make sure that you understand there is a second page to this application for you to complete. So you’ll click on the next button on the bottom of the screen which will then take you to the second page of the application.

Looking on this screen there’s been a couple of changes from last year. What we will want you to do is identify if you are of Hispanic origin or not. I check no. Are you a Native American origin? No. then it will ask you what race you most commonly identify with and you can check all that apply. In my case white Caucasian. And I continue to move down the screen. At the bottom of the screen you’ll want to put mark as complete which will then queue me back to the top of the screen. Once it loads to get me to identify that I need to do some more information. I have completed section 1, the demographic information. You’ll note that up here that checkbox means everything is complete. If it’s only a half filled in box that means you probably missed page 2 of the information.

The second thing I want to do is go to the short essay form. When that loads you’ll want to put a short essay about why you would be a good fit for the program that you are applying for at Sno-Isle TECH. Then you’ll move down to the next box which will be the transcript box. You’ll have an opportunity to be able to attach a file. I’m sure many of you have done this many times before. You can do this either by a screenshot or a emailed document or work with your counselor at your home high school to be able to get this done.

Again please make sure you hit the mark as complete button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. When you do it you’ll then go down to current grades much like the transcript. You again will have the opportunity to attach a file and Marc as complete. Upload your attendance. Again, this can be a screenshot or an email that you attach a file to and then Mark as complete.

And last but not least if there’s anything else you wanted to upload into the information for the application ie a resume or just another letter of interest you can do this at this section and Mark as complete.

These five items here are not required for your application, but highly recommended as we move forward. As you see here you have one of 2 tasks complete.

I’m going to make sure that I go back to my short essay because I noticed that is not an optional thing for me to do. So as I click back on my short essay and it decides to come up I can put I would liked to go to Sno-Isle TECH. Mark that as complete. You’ll notice the checkbox comes up now. I’ve done the two required items to be able to submit my application. There’s two of two required tasks complete. And then what I want to do is hit the button that says review and submit.

A quick reminder, if you don’t hit that review and submit button it will not be pushed through into the system for you to be reviewed. You then can scroll through your document see everything that you have entered into the system. At the bottom you’ll see that everything is complete. You’ve got your check boxes. You still have an option to be able to go back in and change these if you’d like at this point. But again it is optional and not required.

And the last thing you’re going to do is hit the big blue bar at the button to submit your application to Sno-isle TECH.

Once this is complete you will get a notification to your email that you used and you’ll be able to track information in regards to your account and see if there’s anything else that comes up. You also have the opportunity to log back into your account and change any information that you’d might want to as the process goes forward.

This has been a short video on how to apply for a program at Sno-Isle TECH