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Everett Rotary Club
Scholarships 2021 Scholarship Policy & Information


1. The Everett Rotary Scholarship program will be administered by the Everett Rotary Youth Foundation Education Committee and Next Generation Project in conjunction with the Everett Rotary Board of Directors.

2. For disbursement of scholarship funds, upon receipt of written verification of registration from the college or university, a check will be issued on behalf of the student and forwarded directly to the college or university. It is the student responsibility to have the college or university notify the Everett Rotary Club of registration in order that scholarship funds may be distributed on the student’s behalf. In the event of a multi-year award, this notification of registration must be completed each year.

3. The scholarship funds are available for tuition, books and school supplies if directly related to the student’s major field of study.

4. If the scholarship recipient does not comply with the scholarship requirements, the funds will be returned to the Everett Rotary Club and if the student does not finish the school year, the unused funds will be returned.

5. No more than two years may lapse from the date of the award until the scholarship money is used. In the case of a multi-year scholarship, if more than 2 years lapse between continuous years of enrollment the funds will no longer be available.

6. In the event a scholarship recipient is unable to maintain enrollment, for reasons such as illness or family hardships, the student may ask for an exception by written request to the Everett Rotary Youth Foundation Education Committee.

7. If a scholarship recipient accepts a “fully funded or full ride” scholarship, the student will forfeit the Everett Rotary Scholarship and the funds will be returned to the Everett Rotary Club. A “fully funded or full ride” scholarship is defined as one that covers 100% of the student’s tuition, room and board, books and school supplies.


1. Applicants must be enrolled at and attend one of the following schools: Cascade High School, Everett High School, Sequoia High School and Everett Community College.

2. High School applicants must be seniors and in their graduating class.

3. Students must be enrolled at a college, university or vocational training school for the following school year with the status as a full-time student as defined by their school’s registrar.

4. Direct relatives (children and grandchildren) of Everett Rotary Club members are NOT eligible.


1. The Everett Rotary Club’s “Scholarship Application Form” must be used. Any other form originated by a source other than the Everett Rotary Club will not be considered.

2. All items on the application must be completed. All applications and required documents must be submitted to the school counselor (Theresa Hausmann at SISC) by Monday March 2, 2021.

3. A personal interview of approximately 15 minutes with the applicant will be conducted on Saturday April 17th. Any known conflict with potential interview times should be noted with the scholarship application submission.


Everett Rotary Club scholarships are provided to the most qualified student based on the following criteria: scholastic record, aptitude, leadership, motivation, school activities, community involvement and financial need.

The scholarship committee of each student’s school chooses potential scholarship recipients. Applications from sources other than the scholarship committees will not be considered. The Everett Rotary Youth Foundation Education Committee is the final authority on the awards and upon the completion of the personal interviews will announce the scholarship winners.

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