Sharon C. Ryan Memorial Scholarship by Twiddy & Company

$1,000 from Twiddy & Company

Sharon C. Ryan Memorial Scholarship

by Twiddy & Company

Up to $1,000 per recipient
Up to 1 recipient
Tue, Jun 15th 2021, 08:59 pm PDT

Please carefully review the eligibility requirements before completing the application. We do not require a familiarity with the Outer Banks, but we encourage all applicants to learn about the area before applying. A selection committee will review applications based on the following requirements.


  • Enrolled in an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s program or a related discipline, like business, statistics, hospitality or spa management, and pursuing a hospitality management/leadership hospitality entrepreneurial-related career.
  • Has completed or is enrolled in courses with a strong emphasis on business, management, analytics and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Has a minimum GPA (or international equivalent) of 3.0.
  • Is involved in on- or off-campus organizations or clubs and demonstrates leadership roles held in such organizations or clubs.
  • Submits the following required materials with your application:
  • A 1000-3500 word essay on one of the following topics:
    • What does “family vacation” mean to you?
    • How will the evolution of technology influence the hospitality industry?
    • What lessons have you learned in school that will impact your career in the field of choice?
    • Original college transcripts that include evidence of courses taken and current GPA (or international equivalent);
    • Two reference letters;
    • A professional resume.

If you have questions regarding eligibility contact


Twiddy & Company is a family-owned and operated company specializing in Outer Banks vacation rentals on the coast of North Carolina for over 40 years. Twiddy & Company created two scholarships for students interested in Hospitality Management and Data Analytics. We encourage all students in related fields of Business, Hospitality, Statistics, Engineering, and Marketing to apply. In addition, since we value the opportunity to study abroad so highly, our scholarship is open to those looking to expand their horizons as well. The scholarship recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship for tuition reimbursement.

Sharon was a longtime member of the Maintenance Department at Twiddy & Company. She was employed elsewhere when she met Doug Twiddy. Doug immediately knew that she would be an essential addition to the team at Twiddy & Company. For over 19 years in the Maintenance Department, Sharon worked with the maintenance team as well as local vendors to schedule and complete services for Twiddy’s vacation homes. Through this role, Sharon got to know many local folks on the Outer Banks, as well as their families. She became a loyal friend to many, both at Twiddy & Company and in the local community. At company events, she was always the first on the dance floor, and she’d stay there throughout the party. She is warmly remembered at Twiddy & Company for her big smile and excellent work ethic.

GPA ≥ 3.00
Education Level High School – Class of 2021

Community College


Graduate School

Prospective/College Major Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Studies
Hospitality and Retail Management
Data Analytics
Additional Details
Award Details
Up to $1,000 per recipient for up to 1 recipient
Deadline Details
Tue, Jun 15th 2021, 08:59 pm PDT