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Jan 14, 2020

It is projected that the cosmetics industry will be a $400 billion industry within the next two years, and the Sno-Isle TECH  cosmetology program is your gateway to get started on a lifelong career in an industry that shows no sign of slowing down.  If you enjoy cosmetics, styling hair, or nail and skin care, the Cosmetology program at Sno-Isle TECH may be the best opportunity to get a head start.

About the Cosmetology Class

The Cosmetology class is an introduction to the beauty industry.  Students learn the foundation skills to practice basic cosmetology services such as shampooing/draping, hair analysis/treatment, haircutting, natural nail care, basic skin care, temporary hair removal, wet styling, thermal styling, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, hair coloring and lightening, and standard safety measures and decontamination control.  These skills are necessary for a career in cosmetology, and practicing in a closely supervised lecture/lab class at Sno-Isle TECH is an advantage that every student can use.

Students can expect to practice the basic industry skills on models, mannequins, and each other.  This class is a one year course for 11th or 12th grade students. The Everett Community College Cosmetology Program, which offers a secondary program that graduating students can immediately start with after high school, has provided the curriculum framework.  The Cosmetology class has a $100.00 lab fee, which covers the initial cost of a mannequin head, tools used in the class, and other items needed to participate.

Meet the Instructor

Vicki Brown-Sigvartson teaches the Cosmetology class at Sno-Isle TECH.  She brings over 18 years of teaching experience in the Cosmetology industry, and 17 years of on-the-job training in a professional salon.  She brings the professional world into the classroom for a professional setting on the first day of class, and continues until the last day using industry products and tools and specialized cosmetology equipment.  Vicki offers a unique environment where students can learn, share ideas, and make new friends.

What Can I Do After the Cosmetology Class?

There is always a question of what you can actually do with the knowledge taken from a class.  Students who complete all requirements, pass with a 76% or better, and have a minimum of 350 clock hours will have the opportunity to continue their training with the Everett Community College Cosmetology Program, which offers a secondary program that graduating. Upon successful completion of the Cosmetology 2 program and 1,730 clock hours, students are then eligible to take the Washington State Board of Cosmetology exam to become a licensed Cosmetology professional.  The class also offers an optional opportunity for students to earn 15 College credits at Everett Community College plus the hours accrued at Sno-Isle. Each student must receive a B or better while attending the Sno-Isle program.

In-Depth Class Information

The Cosmetology class is taught twice daily, Monday through Friday during the school year.  The morning session is from 7:55am to 10:25am, while the later session is from 11:10am to 1:40pm.  Students should consider taking Health, Science and Geometry classes prior to enrolling in the Cosmetology course, as they will offer an additional benefit to meet the objectives of the course.

Major Topics in the Cosmetology Class:

  1. Infection Control
  2. Manicuring/Pedicuring
  3. Shampooing/Draping
  4. Basic Scalp and Hair Care
  5. Basic Skin Care/Facials
  6. Basic Haircutting
  7. Thermal Styling/Wet Styling
  8. Chemical Texture Services
  9. Hair Color Services
  10. Temporary Hair Removal

During the school year, students may opt to join field trips for the Cosmetology class.  Field trips include the local Fashion Focus Hair Show in Bellevue, Washington in the Spring, the Career Fair at Everett Community College Cosmetology Program in the Spring, and guest speakers from local salons may also be scheduled at various times in the school year.

Each student will create a portfolio of his or her work during the course.  The portfolio is a collection of documents to share with prospective employers, to document learning, to keep a record of attendance, to collect pictures of work and for organizing your school work. The portfolio can also serve as a journal of your personal growth, while attending school.   The portfolio will be a three ring binder with pictures of work (before and after), transcripts from high school, all training certificates from continuing education, a resume, activities from volunteer work, personal character reference letters, evaluation and target records, hour-log sheets, exam records, and any additional assignments.  It’s also recommended to bring a disposable camera to document the before and after work.

Don’t miss your chance to get started in the Cosmetology program and get into the beauty industry.  For more information on Sno-Isle TECH and the Cosmetology program, click here.  If you’re ready to sign up and get started, apply now!  Classes for the next semester are filling fast, and you don’t want to miss out.

Sno-Isle TECH Cosmetology Program