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Information Technology

Computers, Servers & Networking

IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. If you are interested in a challenging, changing, dynamic career, apply for Computers, Servers, and Networking. Earn college credits while you learn in a challenging, hands-on environment with a dynamic, industry certified instructor, passionate about technology. We work with a variety of industry-standard equipment learning how to troubleshoot, repair, build, and rebuild computers. We then move on to building and controlling networks. The course helps prepare students for industry standard certifications from Comptia, Microsoft, and Cisco.

Students who are successful in this program have a passion for computer technology, a strong desire to learn, strong reading skills, the ability to read and follow directions, and are ready to further develop critical thinking, troubleshooting, and teamworking skills. Successful students can earn up to 25 college credits through the local community colleges dual credit programs.

This class has a $40.00 lab fee.

Meet the Instructor

Isabel Espino

Tory Klementsen

425-348-2246 |  Email

Technology is all around us in all industries! CSN will provide you with a strong foundation to take your Information Technology Skills into any industry, and Tory Klementsen is the fearless leader who will guide you!

Tory has been teaching for over 20 years in a variety of school settings. She has also worked in IT for all of those years. Tory is a self-taught computer professional! As a self-proclaimed nerd, she started on computers in junior high school when her mother brought home a TRS-80 and she taught herself how to program in Basic when the programs that came with the computer got boring. She took no computer classes in high school because she was ahead of everything they had to offer. It wasn’t until she had finished college that she took any actual Computer and Networking classes. She was given an opportunity to teach IT classes but the job required that she have IT class completions on her transcript. She now teaches in what she describes as her “dream job” working with her group of nerds and helping them meet their potential in Information Technology, and running the on-site student technician program for Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center. To view her class in action click on the video below, and consider attending Open House to see the program, meet current students and get your questions answered.