About the Class

The Diesel Power Technology program is designed to prepare students for an entry level position working with Diesel powered trucks, equipment, boats and generators. Many of our students also choose to continue their education after Sno-Isle TECH at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and local community colleges, that offer Diesel Power Technology courses.

Environmental regulations to lower emissions and increase fuel economy have changed the industry. Our curriculum has been adapted to educate our students to these changes so they are better able to begin work with the most current knowledge and industry practices.

Focusing on technological advances with engines and seven other subject areas, students should expect a blend of discussions, class projects and hands on activities in a real life shop.




ever since i was younger i’ve always

kind of been interested in diesels and

like how the engines are different

between a gasoline and a diesel engine

i’m an engine guy i don’t know i’ve just

never been a fan of electrical so i

always like being greasy and getting

down into the heart of it so this

cummins behind me is one of my favorite

things to do right now


so this year we’re doing engines

and next year we’ll be doing air brakes


the best student to be somebody that’s

not afraid to get their hands dirty not

afraid to learn new things

my next step is to go to uti and work

through their diesel program i know this

has helped me a lot learning just the

differences between engines

you will learn a lot

every single day it’s a learning

experience no matter what you’re doing

even if you know about it you’ll learn


if you’re a hands-on learner

this is the best class to be in like i’m

not very good with books but when it

comes to hands-on and me actually

working with it that’s how i learn

that’s where i succeed

definitely do it it is 100 worth it

diesel tech students

Meet the instructor

My name is Brent Delfel, I am the Instructor of the Diesel Power Technology Program here at Sno-Isle Tech. I have nearly two decades of experience working in this Heavy Duty industry, and I absolutely love it! I enjoy the continuous changes to the industry, and keeping my students informed and prepared for these enhancements as they learn in this program. Students who take this class will have the opportunity to learn an introductory level of diesel mechanics. They will work with specialized equipment in a diesel shop equal to a true working environment, exploring and repairing Freightliner engines, using SnapOn Tools and more. Students have the opportunity to attend career related conferences and field trips, compete with peers in Skills USA state and national tournaments, meet with industry professionals for employment, mentoring, continuing education, and references. Internships and scholarships are also available. College credit is available to successful students who earn a B or better in the class.

If this sounds interesting, take a moment to watch the Diesel program video and check out the pictures of our class working. Thank you for your interest; I look forward to meeting you at Open House in February or during our student interviews in the spring!