About the Class

Would you like to be considered a professional right out of high school? Dental Assisting is a fascinating blend of Health, Science and people skills. Students gain experience in many employable traits such as teamwork, communication, and technical skills for their successful transition into the dental profession. The program includes pre-clinical and clinical sciences, OSHA safety standards, and a 7 hour HIV/AIDS training which will help you qualify for state registration as a dental assistant. You may discover your passion for dentistry and continue your education to become a dental hygienist or dentist.

All health class students need to declare proof of insurance for internships:

dental students
dental students

Meet the instructor

My name is Carol Scharnikow, instructor for the Dental Assisting class. I discovered my passion for dentistry when I was in high school. I was trained in a dental office, on the job, after school. I continued my education after high school while working as a Dental Assistant. Then, while working at the U of W Dental School, teaching dental students how to work effectively and efficiently with dental staff, I developed a second passion for education. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge of dentistry and helping others achieve oral health.

I’ve enjoyed a lifetime career in dentistry and education, and have had amazing opportunities to meet and work with many fantastic people. I will share some of them in class to demonstrate specific concepts of dentistry and work ethics. If you have a desire to help others and care about people and their health this may be your ticket to a successful, productive career.

If you are interested in applying for the Dental Assisting Program, see your high school counselor and apply on our website beginning in early February. Plan to attend our Open House in February as well, to visit our beautiful state of the art dental clinic and classroom. I look forward to meeting you.