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Fashion & Merchandising

The world of fashion and merchandising is exciting, fast paced, and creative. The Fashion and Merchandising program surveys the fashion industry with emphasis in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and design. Did you ever wonder how the fashion industry works? How are designers inspired to create their clothing lines? What does it take to produce a fashion show?

You will gain practical knowledge creating displays, designing a line of clothing, producing a fashion show, studying the history of fashion and the textile industry. In a professional setting with like-minded classmates, students create and market businesses and clothing lines, run and promote an embroidery and clothing business, plan and execute special events and fashion shows, as well as visit local industries to gain career focus. Learn first hand the skills needed to succeed in the business!

Meet the Instructor

Sylvi Schilbach

Sylvi Schilbach

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Fashion Design and Merchandising brings to life the art and business of the fashion world. I am Sylvi Schilbach your instructor at Sno-Isle TECH. My career in design also began in my high school clothing construction classes. After gaining employment in sportswear manufacturing, I earned my degree at Seattle Pacific University. Working in apparel construction and design throughout my career has taught me about the many entrepreneurial opportunities available to pursue one’s fashion industry goals here in the Pacific Northwest. From manufacturing to design to sales and marketing, your fashion career can start and thrive here.

We will study the vibrant fashion industry, history, textiles, and manufacturing fields by first learning about apparel construction details and techniques, moving on to foundational concepts of design and finishing the year with a deep dive into current marketing and merchandising concepts. Throughout the course we will explore the many opportunities that the Pacific Northwest offers for practical applications of our classroom learnings. I look forward to working with you to further support your interests and provide you the foundation from which to pursue your goals in fashion apparel, design, and merchandising.